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Welcome to the British Military Watches website ( Army, RAF and Royal Navy ). This site pays homage to watches issued to the British armed forces from the 20th Century to present.

Many British military watches are stamped with the MOD 'broad arrow' also know as a 'pheon' which dates back to the 17th century and is attributed to Sir Philip Sidney Joint Master of the Ordnance.
Other identifying stamps include:-

  • W10 - Army Issue
  • 0552 - Royal Navy
  • 0555 - Royal Marines
  • ATP (Army Type Piece) - issued to the army
  • HS (Hydrographic Service) - issued to the Fleet Air Arm
  • 6B/159 - issued to the RAF
  • C.O.S.D Company Ordnance Supply Depot - issued to Airborne Forces
  • G.S.T.P. General Service Time Piece
  • A.M. Air Ministry
  • W.W.W. Wrist Watch Waterproof - issued to the army


Predominantly supplied by Swiss companies there are a few British exceptions notably the Smiths W10 watch which was entirely UK produced from the late 1960's through to the mid 1970's. (see 17mm straps to fit the Smiths W10)
17mm Smiths W10 Nato strap


CWC (Cabot Watch Company) is a British company established in 1972 and contracted to supply watches to the MOD.
With numerous manual & quartz timepieces the watches are not strictly British as they are powered by swiss movements.
1990 CWC G10

British Military WatchesWe also have an ebay linked section for those who are interested in current market values as a guide only.
(We DO NOT endorse the authenticity of any of the 'linked to' ebay watches, prospective buyers must do their own checks if considering a purchase and we accept no responsibility whatsoever for any transactions that may transpire)

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